Saturday, July 31, 2010

Turkish Rug Repair - Mid Process - Reknotting

The next step of the Turkish rug repair is complete.  The reknotting is complete.  As you'll see, the yarns of the repaired area are still longer than the rest of the rug.  The only thing left to do is shear down the yarns and the rug repair will be complete.  Stay tuned for the final result of this repair!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Turkish Rug Repair - Mid Process - Rebuilding Warp

The Turkish rug repair has progressed nicely.  I found matching yarns, rebuilt the warp, and am ready to start reknotting the torn area near the selvage.  The reknotting should not be very difficult as the knots in the rug are not very tight.  Once I reknot the torn area, the warp will not be visible.  The warp is there to provide a foundation for the knotting.  Stay tuned for the completion of this rug repair!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turkish Rug Repair - Reknotting Torn Area - Before Pictures

This is a Turkish rug that was torn near its edge.  The client doesn't know how the damage was done, but I suspect that it was due to a piece of heavy furniture being dragged on a spot where the fibers had been compromised.  The selvage itself is intact, but the knotting, warp, and weft are completely missing in a section about 2" x 2".  The rug cleaning has been done, the yarns have been located, so it's now time to start the rug repair.  Stay tuned for the progress!  

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Turkish Kilim Repair - Final Result

Here is the final result of my latest Turkish kilim repair project.  I reconstructed some of the missing warps, rewove worn areas, and reconstructed the missing selvage.  I hope the client enjoys it for many years to come.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Turkish Kilim Repair - in progress

Progress has been very slow on my latest kilim repair - but mostly because it has been so incredibly hot and uncomfortable these past few days here in NYC.  Anyway, above is a picture of the rebuilt and stretched warp and some reweaving in progress.  Stay tuned for how this kilim repair project turns out.  --

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Turkish Kilim Repair

Above is a picture of my latest kilim repair project.  The kilim cleaning has been completed, and sourcing the right yarns was quite easy compared to my last few projects.  The kilim is from Turkey ca 1960 so it's not that old but it has, in some parts, missing fringes and its selvedge was almost completely missing.   This kilim has definitely seen better days.  Stay tuned for how this kilim restoration progresses. --

Saturday, July 3, 2010

An Atelier For the Past, Present, and Future

I have just spent the past couple of weeks in my native country of Turkey.  Above is a picture of Turkish carpets and kilims hanging in a Caravansaray in central Anatolia - what was once a stop on the famed Silk Road.  It is here that I, when I was a young child, learned kilim and rug restoration from some of the finest most skilled restorers in the world.  This building has been home to carpet stores and ateliers for centuries  - the faces may have changed over the years, but the spirit one feels while surrounded by the stone walls and magnificent carpets and kilims is, in my opinion, a direct link to a glorious past.