Sunday, May 30, 2021

Moth Infested Rug Damage


Anyone who has loved and lived with handmade rugs will know that even after an extended period of time, new "discoveries" can be made.  Sometimes a rug lover will suddenly see a motif that was previously "hidden" to her, or a particular color blend will stand out, or even a whole section of a border will suddenly be at the forefront to the person who stands and admires it.  These kinds of "discoveries" are a wonderful gift from the weaver who spent a great amount of time and care weaving each design, knotting each motif, and putting together the "story" of a detailed rug.  

Other discoveries, however, are not as welcome.  There are times after a particularly vigorous vacuuming session, a person may notice that fringes have started to be pulled away from a rug.  Or, perhaps more seriously, sometimes small holes or carved out areas begin to appear in a rug.  This particular damage is worrying because it can accelerate quickly.  These are signs of a moth infestationMoths can attack at any time, but especially when a rug is in storage, or in an area with poor air ventilation.  For this reason, it is important to remember to periodically inspect your rugs for any possible moth or other kind of damage.  The old adage is as true as ever - a stitch in time ....