Monday, January 21, 2013

Oriental rug's fringes repaired - final result

As some of you will remember, I last left you in the middle of repairing fringes that had been chewed off by a client's hungry puppy.  We stretched new warp onto a loom taking care to stretch it far into the field of the rug.  To complete the repair, we knotted the missing pile, bound the edges, and put in decorative knots along the edge of the fringe and the pile, as seen below.

Pictured below is the front of the repaired fringes - I hope these are less appetizing, but equally beautiful.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Repairing damaged fringes on an Oriental rug - mid process

After our client's puppy had a rug's fringes for a post-dinner snack, our first task in this Oriental rug fringe repair was to remove all the compromised fringes and prepare to repair the damaged pile and fringes.   As the pictures above and below show, we inserted a series of cotton warp strings into the rug and then nailed them onto a board.  The warp will be the base upon which we will knot the damaged pile.  The end of the warp will be the fringes - a decorative, but also very important part of an Oriental rug's structure.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oriental rug fringe repair - before pictures

While pretty much everyone agrees that a new puppy brings nothing but joy to a home, every once in a while, a new (or sometimes not so new) puppy decides to chew on your new (or sometimes not so new) Oriental rug.  This is what happened to the owner of the Persian rug pictured here.  As you can see, the puppy was fascinated by the Persian rug's border motifs and cotton fringe in particular.  A fringe is the most vulnerable part of a rug and is absolutely critical to preserving the integrity of the handknotted pile which forms the various motifs of the rug.  Left as is and unrepaired, the damage shown here would eventually start to worsen and the entire edge of the rug could come undone.  It is for this reason that I always recommend to have any compromised fringes on an Oriental rug repaired as soon as possible.