Friday, December 10, 2021

When Water is the Enemy - Flooded Handknotted Rugs


A high quality hand knotted rug can withstand generations of wear, tear, some abuse, and decades of all that life can bring.  But there are a few things that not even the highest quality rug can withstand without significant damage:  sitting water.  When your home or space is flooded, it is extremely imperative to remove a hand knotted rug from sitting water as soon as possible.  The best course would be to have the rug professionally cleaned as soon as possible, but if that is not possible for some time, then removing the rug and laying it flat in a dry, preferably sunny and warm space would be the next best thing.  The key would be to allow for the rug to dry so as to prevent the fibers from rotting and the colors from running (any more than they already may have).  Laying the rug flat is important so that the colors don't run down. The rug above was damaged by a flood.  After the flood, the rug's owner wrapped up the rug in plastic and left it wrapped for some time.  Unfortunately, the rug now is beyond restoration.  The fibers have rotted and mold has started to grow.  Taking quick and important steps after a flood can usually prevent this kind of damage.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Hand knotted Tibetan Rug Damaged by Moths - Before


Hand knotted Tibetan rugs are beautifully distinctive for their bold graphic motifs.  But like any other hand knotted wool rug, Tibetan wool rugs are susceptible to moth damage.  The gorgeous Tibetan rug photographed above had several areas damaged by moths.  The warp and weft was intact because it was made of cotton.  We will share in the next post what our repair of this moth damaged section looked like.  Stay tuned --