Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hand hooked rug cleaning and repair

Hand hooked rug cleaning and repair projects are among my favorite.  Above is a picture of one such hand hooked rug I recently worked on.  The round motifs lend the rug a fun, almost 1960s feel, but the black background give it a rich, nuanced, almost luxurious feel.  The solid colored motifs also allow the fantastic abrash (the color variations in the yarn) to shine through proving yet once again that nothing beats hand made rugs - whether they're hand knotted, hand woven, or hand hooked - handmade rugs are all works of art. --

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No Longer Unraveling - Repaired Edges of Persian Rug

So, after a short diversion, I am sharing now the final result of a recent Persian rug restoration.  As you can see from the photo below, the edge was coming undone and without due care, would have caused the motif of the rug to start unraveling.  When repairing the edge, I tried to maintain the nuanced color change in the original edge (if you look closely, the edge closest to the cotton is a slightly lighter shade of rose / orange than the color above the blue border.)  A small, but rich detail that makes this piece lovely to look at. --

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kilim Cleaning

Kilim cleaning differs somewhat from rug and carpet cleaning.  Because kilims do not have pile, there usually is no beating required.  Still, it's important to make sure that any dust particles wedged between the fibers of the warp and weft are extracted.  If dust particles are left between fibers for too long, eventually they will damage the fibers weakening the kilim and making it vulnerable to tears or similar damage.  When removing embedded dust and other particles, one must always take care not to damage kilims as they are generally more delicate than their pile counterparts.  Above is a picture of a traditional kilim being professionally cleaned.  The most challenging part of this part of the process is minimizing the risk of color run.  With periodic professional cleaning of kilims, they can last a lifetime - indeed, maybe several lifetimes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Persian Rug Repair - Edges Unraveling

The entire edge of this Persian rug was damaged by wear, tear, and it turns out, the occasional rambunctious puppy.  My task was to stop the unraveling and repair the edges.  First task was to professionally clean the rug and then work on matching yarns.  No easy task as this burnt orange has always posed a challenge to professional rug restorers ...