Sunday, April 28, 2019

Moroccan Kilim Fringe Unraveling

A rug or kilim is most vulnerable at its fringes.  This is because the fringes are the areas of a rug that tend to get sucked in by aggressive vacuuming, snagged by high heels, or pulled by energetic kids or pets.  This lovely Moroccan kilim's fringes were damaged in several sections as can be seen by the shorter fringes dotting the edge.  It is best to address this kind of fringe damage as soon as possible so that the field of the kilim is not compromised.  Once the fringe is repaired, we advise to bind the edge of the kilim or rug so as to minimize the risk of future unraveling.  Of course, there is no full proof way to prevent this, but a good binding will go a long way to protecting the fringes, and, in turn, the kilim itself.  --

Antique Rug With Moth Damage

As spring is upon us and the season for deep cleaning begins in earnest, it is a good time to carefully inspect all of our wool goods, especially beloved rugs and kilims.  Take care to inspect rugs that are partially covered by heavy furniture such as beds, tables, dressers, or armoires.  Moths take advantage of undisturbed wool (such as those sections of wool rugs hidden by furniture) to exert their most damage.  The pictured rug has been damaged by moths eating away at a small section of the pile, warp, and weft.  This rug will have to be professionally cleaned before we can assess the full extent of the moth damage.  After the cleaning, we will then remove all weakened fibers before undertaking the needed restoration.  We will take special care to use yarns that are somewhat muted to match the age of the rug.