Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Afghan Kilim Chewed by Dog - Repair in Progress

After professionally cleaning this lovely Afghan kilim, we began reconstructing the warp (the vertical brownish-greyish vertical fibers in the photos above and below).  The photo below shows the completed warp reconstruction.  

Once the warp reconstruction was completed, we began the weft reconstruction.  The weft reconstruction includes the motif reconstruction.  We always strive to be sure to use yarns as close in color to the colors of the original kilim so as to minimize the visibility of the repair.  A great compliment to us is when clients can't find our repairs.

Below is another photo of our weft reconstruction in progress.  This lovely Afghan kilim was almost ready to go home to its hungry puppy!

A Dog Chewed My Kilim! Help!

It has been a long time since we have written, but we have been busy working on great restoration projects for clients.   This kilim was damaged by a well-meaning, but hungry, puppy who took a big chunk out of this kilim.  This is a Maimana kilim from Afghanistan and is lovely for its bold colors and geometric motifs.  Like many Maimana kilims, this kilim was woven with rich reds and autumnal shades of orange.  The damage spanned an 8-9 inch section of the border of the kilim.  The kilim's owner luckily saved the kilim before further damage ensued.  --