Saturday, August 31, 2019

Antique Persian Rug Restoration

There are few things more satisfying than restoring a beautiful antique Oriental rug.  While modern rugs undoubtedly can be exquisite, there is something that only centuries of wear, sunlight, and care can do to a rug.  For an inexplicable reason, time seems to enhance the beauty in fine Oriental rugs.  To be sure, there are specific challenges associated with restoring antique rugs, including sourcing the right color wool that is muted just so and working around fragile wool that has been lived on for decades - even centuries.  Despite the challenges, however, I find it especially rewarding to see a rug that had been almost unusable come back to "life," and in turn allowing it to be used for many more decades to come. --

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Kilim Cleaning

The wonderful geometric motifs of kilims can be like art for your floor.  Indeed, in many homes in my native country of Turkey, people hang kilims on the wall for the beautiful vibrancy they provide.  The contrasting colors accentuate the motifs making them "pop" even more.  This is why it is critical that when a handmade kilim is cleaned, special care is made to avoid any color run.  Darker colors can seep into lighter colors during the kilim cleaning process so special attention should be paid to this at all times.  We recommend doing a test on a small area of the kilim before soaking the entire kilim to minimize the risk of color run.  With proper care and regular period professional kilim cleaning, a beautiful kilim can last several lifetimes. --

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug Cleaning

It seems that these days, Beni Ourain rugs can be found in nearly every stylish home.  They are at once modern and traditional and can seemingly fit into nearly any kind of space.  They are beautiful in their exquisite simplicity, having a very limited motif and color palette, especially when compared to other rugs from the region.  
Caring for Beni Ourain rugs is similar to caring for other Oriental rugs, but their simplicity can sometimes present a challenge, especially when a Beni Ourain is stained or discolored.  The fact that the stain is usually on a single color can make the stain appear more prominently than it would with a more intricate design and color palette.  Indeed, even if the stain is very minor, the fact that the rest of the rug is very simple will make the minor stain stand out.   Improving the appearance of a stain on these beautiful Moroccan rugs is impossible, but they usually require lots of trial and error.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Removing Pet Stains from a Rug

Pet stains are rarely completely avoidable.  Even the most well behaved pets can sometimes have an accident.  What results, unfortunately, is a very difficult stain to remove.  What we do in instances of pet stains on Oriental rugs is first soak the rug, professionally clean it, and then assess how best to minimize the risk of any stain that is still present.  In rare instances, regular professional cleaning can almost eliminate the stain altogether.  But in most cases, the stain will remain and we will have to treat the area further.  Often, we will have to do a color restoration process that can include redying and reknotting the area.  As with most things, the quicker we can address the stain, the more likely the chances of success.