Sunday, July 14, 2013

Antique Chinese Rug Restoration - Final

So after professionally cleaning this antique Chinese rug, removing all the compromised knots and other fibers, recreating the warp and weft, sourcing yarns that matched the original colors, and reknotting all damaged and compromised pile, our antique Chinese rug restoration is complete.  Above is a picture of the front side of the restored area.  Below is the same area seen from the underside.

And just as a reminder, below is a picture of the damaged area before our antique rug restoration.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Antique Chinese Carpet Restoration - in progress

The next step in our antique Chinese rug restoration entailed us recreating the damaged warp, the white vertical strands in the picture above.

The next step was to recreate the warp, the horizontal strands pictured above, to complete the "grid" upon which the knotting will rest.

The next step is the knotting, pictured above.  The longer yarns are the new yarns we sourced to match the original antique rug's colors.  When a piece is antique, it is critical to use yarns that are not too bold so that the restored section will better blend into the original rug.

The shaggy appearance of the newly knotted pile will be cut down to match the height of the rest of the rug once the knotting is completed.