Sunday, October 27, 2019

When a Rug Smells of Smoke

It is understandable when the rugs and furnishings in a smoker's home smell of smoke.  Similarly, rugs that have been close to a fire will smell like smoke.   Sometimes, rugs will smell of smoke even if the fire was at quite a distance from the rugs.  We recently were contacted by a client whose home was filled with smoke from a fire in a property down the street from his home.  Even after a few days, the rug smelled of smoke.  We had to professionally clean the rug, and had to soak the rug for a longer period of time to get rid of the smoke.  We recommend having this care done as soon as possible after a fire to increase the chances of eliminating the odor completely.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Antique rug restoration

There are very few material things that can last as long as a fine Oriental rug.  One of the characteristics of finely woven Oriental rugs that allows them to last as long as they do is their ability to be restored.  This beautiful antique rug had a hole near its center.  We rebuilt the warp and then reknotted the pile striving for the reknotted motifs and colors to blend in with the original rug.  We are always gratified when a client sees her or his rug again after our restoration and has trouble finding where we restored the rug.  We take that as a great professional achievement and are satisfied that we helped conserve another beautiful rug for another few decades, at least.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Moth Damaged Persian Rug

It can happen to anyone.  You have a little renovation project in one room so you empty the room of all its contents, including rolling up your beautiful Persian rug.  You place that rolled up rug in the corner of another room and leave it undisturbed for a few weeks that turn into a few months.  You don't think anything of it, but once that renovation is done, you happily start putting back your furniture.  And you go to the corner to get your gorgeous rug and unroll it only to discover that moths have started to devour it.  This is a common occurrence when rugs are improperly stored, especially rugs that have not been recently professionally cleaned.  Moth damage is always a risk especially when rugs (or any wool products) are stored.  It is important to periodically inspect your rugs to assess for any potential moth infestation.