Monday, April 5, 2010

Rug Cleaning and Spring

If you're like me, you are absolutely thrilled that spring has arrived.  And if you're like me, you're not so absolutely thrilled that spring cleaning time has arrived!  Today, I'd like to share a tip for how to keep just one "spring cleaning" item off your list.  If you take some small but important steps throughout the year, you can avoid having to send your handmade rugs or kilims to a professional cleaner for several years.  If you consistently follow this advice, you can go quite a long time between professional rug cleanings.   First, you should vacuum your handmade rugs and kilims regularly to dislodge dirt particles that settle between the fibers.  Second, you should remember to occasionally vacuum the backside of your rug or kilim (if no loose yarns are present).  Please note, however, that it is never advisable to vacuum anything fragile; and never vacuum delicate embroidery or rug and kilim fringes.   Even better than vacuuming is the old fashioned but very reliable hand beating and/or shaking - a great stress reliever and workout too!  If you vacuum your carpets regularly, and you take care not too walk on your carpets with very dirty shoes (or if you're really committed, take care not to walk on your carpets with any shoes at all!), you can go years in between professional carpet cleaning.  It's a way to preserve your pieces, save some money, and avoid yet something else to worry about during spring cleaning time!  -  


  1. Very cool blog.

    If you don't mind, I'm going to link to it from my Rug Care website, in the Links section. Maybe I can funnel a few more "followers" here, so your audience increases.

    I always enjoy seeing "before and after" shots of repairs in progress. I hope you continue to update the blog frequently. Finding a blog like this is like finding treasure.

    Thanks again.

    Dave Wagner

  2. Thank you, Dave. I appreciate very much your comment and interest in handmade rugs. We rug lovers are a small but dedicated community, so I am very happy to be linked to your rug care website. Thanks again - Atilla