Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Protect a Rug's Fringes

One of the most common problem areas on rugs are the fringes, which are essentially extra warp fibers.  Most of the rug restoration work that I do is due to compromised fringes.  A simple preventative measure that many people can, but often fail to do is to bind the fringes so as to prevent any future unraveling.  Fringe binding is a bit time consuming, but is much less time consuming and certainly less costly than any restoration due to an unraveled fringe and field.  Binding should be done before any damage to the border of the rug. And, as a bonus, fringe binding often can give a rug a nice outline adding to, rather than taking away from, the rug's existing beauty.

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  1. I've observed that when this type of binding is done on fringes that are an inch long or shorter, that it doesn't hold, but tends to slide off (even when using a thick, wax-coated thread). Do you have a solution for dealing with binding a rug with short fringes? Or do you avoid this type of binding, and pursue a different type of solution?


    Dave Wagner