Missing and Short Fringes on a Oriental Rug

As my most recent posts have been about rug fringes and how to repair damaged rug fringes, I thought I'd share a picture of fringe damage that could have been prevented.  As you will see from the picture below, this rug's fringes in some areas is completely missing while in other areas, the fringes are extremely short.  While it is impossible to know what exactly caused this damage, it is most likely a combination of factors, which include a very aggressive vacuum and perhaps a rambunctious puppy or two.  Damage to the fringes of this rug could have been prevented from proceeding to this stage by taking care not to pull at the fringes during routine use and cleaning, and professionally binding the fringes to prevent further loss at an early stage when damage first began to be noticeable.  Not all is lost for this rug, however.  Thankfully, a prudent weaver wove a small flat woven section at the end of the pile and it is this flat weaving that saved the pile itself from being compromised. --www.traditionalrugrepair.com