Spotting Moth Infestation and Damage in Your Rugs

It is hard to underestimate how dangerous moths can be to our wool rugs.  Below are a picture and video (apologies for the ick factor of the latter) of just how extensive the damage can be if moths are allowed to attack a rug undisturbed.  This particular rug in question belonged to someone who most likely picked the rug up off the floor (without being professionally cleaned first), rolled it up, and stored it away for a while (undisturbed and quite likely in a dark enclosed and humid environment like a closet or basement).  Within a few months, the moths had devoured entire sections of the wool rug.  In my opinion, without considering any sentimental value this rug may have to an owner, it is not worth repairing this rug.  Had the moth infestation been spotted earlier, repairing the rug would have been much more feasible.  Do periodic inspections of any rugs you store for any extended period of time and look for any signs similar to those in the video below.  At the first sign of any moths, have your rug professionally cleaned as soon as possible.  It will be well worth it and may save your rug from further damage.