Persian Rug Repair

We recently repaired a lovely Persian rug that was in fine condition with the exception of an edge that was damaged.  With rug damage like this, we advise our clients to avoid the easier and quicker solution of sewing in a patch from a Persian rug with similar colors.  While this solution may seem like an easy quick fix (and correspondingly, a seemingly less expensive option for a Persian rug repair), it is only temporary.  More often than not, when a patch is sewn into another handmade Persian rug, the patch will eventually separate from the rug.  A true repair will involve recreating any missing warp and weft and reknotting the pile onto the Persian rug itself.  This is virtually a permanent solution that will not require redoing at least for our lifetimes except in the very unlikely event of some extraordinary pressure on the rug (as in a hungry puppy or the like).  --