Nepalese Rug Repair - before

Most of the rugs and weavings that I grew up with and that my family wove and cared for are richly patterned and brightly colored.  Over the years, I have become very interested in the weavings of different regions - such as the rug above which was knotted in Nepal.  This handknotted rug is completely devoid of any patterns or motifs, and allows the undyed wool and goat hair itself to be in a prime focus.  The simplicity of the style gives the viewer the opportunity to appreciate the immense beauty of the natural materials.  It is a challenge for a restorer to work on these weavings, as there is no pattern in which to "hide" the restoration.  The work therefore must be as integrated into the original as possible so as not to disrupt the beauty of the quiet and pattern-less field.