Pet Urine Stain on Rug

In the vast majority of cases, pets and Oriental rugs can coexist quite peacefully adding beauty and warmth to a home.  There are occasions, however, when an unfortunate pet accident can damage an Oriental rug.  Usually, this happens when a pet is either very young or very old.  Pet urine can threaten the color fastness of the dyes in a handmade rug so attending to any accidents is imperative.  When you have pet urine accidents, it is important to blot the spot immediately with a damp white towel (to avoid any color transfer) and have the rug professionally cleaned as quickly as possible.  If proper attention is paid quickly, stains can be averted (and any associated bad odor can be avoided as well).   If pet urine is allowed to settle for an extended period of time, any stains will be more difficult to remove although it is quite possible to ameliorate the stain if not remove it altogether.  It is much easier to avoid the stain from setting in the first place which is why we recommend immediate attention to any pet urine accidents.  --