Moth Damage Caused By Layering Rugs

The layered rug look is a lovely design choice that's been around for centuries and has graced countless homes around the world.  It instantly infuses a sense of eclecticism into a space and can transform a bland room into one that is enticing and warm.   In my own home, I have several small rugs layered on top of a large rug in various spaces (perhaps too many ...).   While this design choice can be beautiful, it can also be slightly risky if proper preventative measures are not taken.  Namely, it is important to periodically inspect the layered rugs because placing one rug onto another can lead to possible moth infestation.   Moth infestation can occur when rugs are layered undisturbed for extended period of times and especially when the spaces are dark and do not benefit from cross ventilation.  For these reasons, we advise clients to regularly vacuum the rugs separately (not just the tops of the rugs exposed to walking).  In addition, we always advise clients to undertake a regular inspection schedule that gives clients the opportunity to identify any possible moth infestation at the earliest stage possible before costly damage ensues.  If there is any sign of infestation, we recommend clients to isolate the affected rugs are professionally clean all rugs to minimize the risk of further damage. By following these simple steps, one can safely layer as many rugs as desired.  --