Moroccan Rug Cleaning

It is no mystery as to why Moroccan rugs have been so popular for decades.  They bring an instant splash of color and texture to any space and can even bring occasional whimsy.  Note, for example, the fabulous color change in the Moroccan rug above where the field goes from black to violet.  It is unexpected and brilliant making what otherwise would be a lovely rug into a spectacular one.  Proper professional cleaning is important for all rugs, but especially for Moroccan rugs that tend to have a longer pile where dirt fibers can become embedded and are harder to reach during vacuuming.  A good cleaning practice in between professional Moroccan rug cleaning would be to turn the rug around so that the underside is on top and to vacuum the underside.  A thorough cleaning of the floor below the rug is advised as well.  --

                                   Kosker Traditional Rug Repair