Sun Damaged Rug

We often write about how important it is to carefully inspect a rug on a regular basis, especially when the rug is under heavy furniture or under a bed where dark poorly ventilated spaces provide ideal conditions for moth damage to occur.  What we haven't warned about as often is how the sun can damage a rug that is not rotated or inspected regularly.  The rug above was left with a heavy table on top of it for an extended period of time.  Luckily for the rug owner, moths did not damage the rug, but the sunlight that hit the rug did manage to mute all the areas except for that area under the table.  The result is that now the rug looks stained and discolored.  The best way to prevent sun damage is of course is to limit exposure to sunlight through sun blocking shades and curtains.  But that is not always practical, possible, or frankly, desirable to those humans and pets that enjoy the brightness and warmth of sunlight.  For this reason, we also recommend maintaining a regular rotation schedule so that any muting of your rugs can be even and uneven muting like in that of the rug above can be avoided.