Silk Rug Fringe Repair

The silk rug photographed above (which is laying on top of a green wool rug) has some significant damage to its fringes.  This damage was most likely caused by aggressive vacuuming of the fringes over an extended period of time.  The fringes are uneven at this point, and are tearing away from the rug itself.  The binding has come undone and the knotted edge are starting to come undone as well.  Repairing this fringe damage would be much easier (and less costly) to fix at this point than if one waited until the knotted areas would start to come undone (which is imminent).  The first step in this kind of fringe repair is, as always, to professionally clean the rug.  Then, we will cut away all damaged areas, create a uniformed edge, and newly bind the rug along the fringed edge.  This repair should be enough to minimize the risk of further damage.

Kosker Traditional Rug Repair