What Does a Bad Rug Repair or Rug Restoration Look Like?


We understand that there are times when the least costly option is the one that is right for clients.   This is why we try to offer as many alternatives as possible to clients when they come to us for restoration and repair needs.  When possible, we try to offer both restoration options - which will bring back the rug to as close to its original state as possible - and repair options, which will address the immediate problem and protect against further damage.  Restoration options will be more costly, of course, because they are more skill and time intensive.  We strive that all our options - whether they be restoration or repair options - will be long lasting and as beautiful as possible.  
We occasionally get questions about what a bad repair would look like - and the photo above is a perfect illustration of that.  Our client had had this kilim repaired fairly recently and already the repair was failing.  You can see that at the edges, the warp and weft were starting to fray and in a very short time the entire new section would pull apart from the kilim.  This is a perfect example of why going with the least expensive option can turn out to be more costly in the long run.  This client paid for a bad repair, followed by a good repair just a short time later.  In the next post, we will show you how our project turned out.  ---www.traditionalrugrepair.com