How Often Should I Have My antique Persian Rug Professionally Cleaned?


The general recommendation among rug conservationists and rug cleaners is that a fine Persian or Oriental rug should be cleaned approximately every two years.  For antique rugs, generally it is recommended for a professional cleaning to be scheduled every three years or so.  But much depends on the individual circumstances in which the rug is located and used.  An antique rug in a space with minimal foot traffic can go much longer without a professional cleaning; an antique rug in a foyer with heavy foot traffic, especially foot traffic with outdoor shoes, should be cleaned more often than once every three years.  No matter how long one waits to have an antique rug professionally cleaned, it is very important, however, to regularly schedule inspections of antique and all other rugs.  Inspections will reveal any moth infestation that could be damaging the rug, or any small holes that could extend quickly and result in more costly restoration bills.  With just a few small preventative steps such as regular cleaning and inspection, an antique Persian rug can easily last another century, and maybe even more.