Antique Persian Rug Cleaning

The intricate patterns of a fine antique Persian rug seem to always have something new to reveal.  In my experience, such combinations of flowing motifs and colors can ceaselessly bewitch any admirer.  Fine Persian rugs, as well as all rugs generally known as Oriental rugs, can provide a beautiful foundation to any style of decor.  And they are amazingly durable requiring just a minimal amount of care.  In most homes, a Persian rug requires little more than regular vacuuming, periodic professional cleaning, and regular inspection for worn areas, moth damage, or, most commonly, damage at the edges.  How often this care is required depends mostly on the space the rug occupies.  As a general rule, we recommend weekly vacuuming, and professional cleaning every two years or so.  If a rug is kept in a home where outdoor shoes are not worn and there are no pets, professional cleaning can be done every three or four years or so.