How to Clean Kilim Rugs?


Kilim rugs are generally easier to keep dust free and clean as they do not have a pile which hides and holds dust and other particles.  Still, kilim rugs should be regularly cleaned every few weeks as well as professionally cleaned every few years.  A regular home cleaning can take many forms - a light vacuuming, sweeping (taking care to sweep with only clean brooms), and effective old-fashioned beating.  Images of kilims hanging off balconies and porches being ambitiously and aggressively "beaten" by all kinds of sticks and brooms dot my memory.  In my mind, kilim and rug beating officially kicks off spring.
Professional kilim cleaning is very similar to hand knotted rug cleaning.  Special care must be taken not to cause color run.  Thorough brushing, soaking, and drying will complete the task.  With a simple but consistent cleaning schedule, kilims such as the one photographed above, can last for generations.