How To Get Rid of Carpet Moths


When you find that your beloved hand knotted wool rug has fallen victim to that most ubiquitous and bothersome household pest - the mighty carpet moth - what should you do?  

1.  Isolate the rug.  This is a critical step that, with any luck, will isolate the potential damage.  Isolate the rug by placing it in a plastic bag or other airtight container through which the moths will not be able to escape.

2. Have your rug professionally cleaned as soon as possible.  Do not delay.  Leaving your rug in an airtight container with hungry moths is like taking moths to a wool buffet.  Professional cleaning your rug as soon as possible will stop the damage the moths are doing at the earliest possible step.

3.  Discard any rug pads that were under the affected rug.

4.  Thoroughly clean the floor and surrounding furniture.  There are numerous products available on the market that are suitable for this.  It is important to also vacuum any upholstered furniture, including from the bottom.

5.  Carefully inspect your other rugs for any signs of moth infestation.

6.  Start a routine schedule for inspecting your wool goods for any signs of moth damage.