What Do I Do if I Suspect Moth Damage on my Hand knotted Rug?


What should you do if you suspect your rug is being eaten by moths?  

1.  Isolate the rug from all your other hand knotted rugs.  It is very important to contain the damage.

2.  Have your rug professionally cleaned.  Moths can eat their way through entire sections of a rug.  The sooner you eradicate the moth infestation, the easier it will be to repair and/or restore the moth damaged rug.

3.  Discard the rug pad underneath the affected rug.

4.  Thoroughly clean the floor and surrounding area, including under sofas, tables, and other large furniture.  Be sure to mop the floor and in between the floorboards to eliminate all the moths.

5.  If a more severe infestation is suspected, consider calling a pest extermination company with experience in eradicating moths.

6.  Carefully inspect all other wool rugs and clothing for signs of moth damage.

A regular and diligent inspection schedule should eliminate the risk of any severe moth damage.  Every few months or so, examine all the rugs in your home for signs of moth damage, including carved out areas in a rug, or white glue-like signs of moths.  A regular inspection schedule can go a long way in preventing the more costly kinds of moth infestation we have seen.  --www.traditionalrugrepair.com