The Art Of Kilim

Earlier this week, I had the great fortune to introduce a client to the art of kilims.  Kilims are undoubtedly a passion of mine - of course all hand knotted rugs and carpets are, but I must admit that I reserve a special affection and admiration for kilims.  Perhaps it is because for years, kilims were overlooked and unappreciated - in fact, there was a time when they were quite literally the wrapping material that people would use to protect the more valuable hand knotted rugs (!!).   But I love kilims also for their own intrinsic beauty.  The kilim above (or to be technically correct, the cecim) has been in my workroom for years - I love it for its texture which it once both fine and coarse and for its fantastic imperfections (note the uneven border in the bottom section).  I also love it for its strangely harmonious color palette (would you think that reds, pinks, oranges, golds, blacks, blues, purples, and whites would look just right together?).  I love it also for how it simultaneously evokes the antique and the modern.  It is, in my opinion, just exquisite.  And it is only a minor example of what the kilim art form has to offer.  --