Turkish Kilim Repair

Pictured above is the completed vintage Turkish kilim repair.  The picture below highlights the area of the kilim before we repaired it.  As is visible from this set of pictures, we reconstructed the warp and rewove the missing kilim sections, including the motifs that were present in the original kilim design.  What is not readily apparent without seeing this beautiful vintage kilim in person is that it is quite thin and delicate; we used yarns that were of similar quality to those used to weave the original kilim so that the repair would "blend" in as much as possible.  Although not visible in the pictures, we also bound the edges of the kilim so as to minimize the risk of the edge unraveling.  If you have a similar kilim, we recommend you place it in an area that is not subject to high foot traffic or moving furniture (e.g., dining room chairs that are often moved).  With the proper care and caution, this vintage Turkish kilim can be used for at least a few more decades. --www.traditionalrugrepair.com