Damage to Rug Caused by a Potted Plant

Potted plants in our indoor living spaces are a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in.  Those beautiful plants, however, can cause a significant amount of damage to rugs, kilims, and other flat weaves.  Actually, it is not so much the plants or their pots that can cause damage, but owners who enthusiastically water their plants without due care of what rest beneath them.  In the case of the picture above, a potted plant was left on a rug for an extended period of time.  The owner did not move the pot and did not notice the damage that increased over time.  The yellow areas are rotted fibers and an entire section of the corner was lost.  Take care to make sure that no water or moisture is reaching a rug or kilim on which a potted plant rests.  Furthermore, be cautious and examine beneath pots to assess whether any damage has occurred. --www.traditionalrugrepair.com