Rug Stain Caused by Pet Urine

As many owners of beloved pets know, even the most well trained puppy, kitten, or other pet can sometimes have accidents.  A common victim of these pet accidents are rugs, carpets, kilim rugs, and other flat weaves.  Pet urine, which is intrinsically acidic, can damage the fibers of rugs and kilims if left untreated.  Sometimes, a regular professional cleaning can remove the pet stain, but often a special treatment is required on the rug or flat weave.  In any case, it is best to have the rug treated as soon as possible.  The longer the acid is left to damage the fibers of the rug, the less likely it is that the stain (or the smell, for that matter) can be removed.  Upon discovering a pet stain on your rug, if a thorough professional cleaning can not be done immediately, blot up any excess liquid as soon as possible; note that one should blot, not rub.  Take a damp towel and natural soap and blot it clean - be careful to not put too much water on the rug as you will increase the likelihood that the colors will run and bleed into adjacent colors.