Moth Damage in Rugs

Moths are peculiar little creatures.  They are small, relatively slow, strangely finicky, and able to cause an incredible amount of damage to any rug, including those exceptional rugs and kilims so many of us treasure in our homes.  Moths work in the dark, in closets, in garages, under sofas, under beds.  Moths work in humid areas where there is little cross ventilation.  Moths prefer soiled rugs to clean rugs.  And moths have their very specific tastes - note in the top picture above how moths "ate" just certain sections of the rug's pile.  Moths simply left certain colors alone.  They are carvers, eating only those woolen knots that they prefer.  Moths can cause an incredible amount of damage - just take notice of the bottom picture taken from the back side of the carpet.  Those little white "dots" are intersections of warp and weft where a woolen knot once was but was eaten by a moth.  Rug repair and rug restoration will be able to remedy the damage caused by moths in most instances, but prevention can go a long way.