Water Damaged Indian Rug Repair - Result

The first step in repairing this water damaged hand knotted Indian rug was to lay out the rug in full sunlight for approximately twenty days - alternating exposing the front side and back side to the sunlight.  We did this to ensure that the rug would be completely dry.  Even though it sounds odd, we had to dry out the rug to prevent further damage before we professionally cleaned the rug.  This helped us identify the full extent of the rotted fibers and damaged sections.  After professionally cleaning the rug, and thoroughly drying it (for a second time) as well, we cut out the damaged sections.  Below is what the rug looked like after we extracted the rotten and damaged fibers.  

After cutting out the damage, we recreated the warp and weft, and reknotted the pile consistent with the rug's original colors and motifs.  This reproduction hand knotted rug should now last for many years.  It is a good thing to keep in mind that sitting water is never good for any organic or living product, including wool and cotton.  --www.traditionalrugrepair.com