What to do if you spot moths in your handmade rugs or carpets

Few things threaten a handmade rug or carpet like moths.  Normally, with just a minimal amount of care, a handmade rug or carpet can last generations.  But if moths attack a rug, they can cause extensive - and, often, expensive - damage.   What should you do if you spot moths on your rug?

First, it's important to know what to look for.  Pictured above and below are pictures of moths doing what they do best - feasting on wool.

The white, almost glue-like, spots are a live moth infestation.

In this instance, moths moved from eating the rug to eating the pad (or it could have been the other way around).

In the rug below, the moths attacked the edge of the rug, eating their way through entire sections of pile.

Note how the moths appear on the floorboards beneath the rug.

After you identify that you have a moth problem, it is important to isolate any affected woolen products, including your rugs and kilims.  Do not put any affected woolen products next to your moth-free rugs (or other woolen goods).  

Next, you should have your rugs professionally cleaned as soon as possible to eliminate the moth infestation from your rugs before any other damage can ensue.  Be careful to choose a service provider that specializes in cleaning handmade carpets and kilims.  Do not allow any service provider to steam clean your handmade rugs.

In addition, you should mop all floors thoroughly to eliminate moths.  If the infestation is extensive, it might be necessary to engage professional cleaning and/or extermination services for your home.  --