Antique Soumak Repair - Before

Pictured above is an exquisite antique Caucasian Soumak that we recently repaired.  This piece was a pleasure to work on.  The weaving of this Soumak is beautiful, and the colors are vibrant, sharp, and wonderfully rich - because of (not despite of) being exposed to over a century of sunlight, family life, and all else that 100 + years brings.  Soumaks, in general, are wonderful examples of traditional weavings; they are different from hand knotted pieces that have a pile, and different from the flat woven kilims.  As you will see from the picture above, Soumaks resemble what I think of as carved art, with each motif seemingly "outlined" or carved into the piece itself.  They are truly special and always a joy to look at and study.