Beni Ourain Rugs

One does not have to be rug expert to appreciate the sublime beauty of Beni Ourain rugs.  Their beauty lies somewhere in between their color palette and their luxuriously long yarns which lend them a warm, almost decadent, feel to the touch.  Even their  geometric motifs are wonderful in their naked imperfections and calming in their relative simplicity.  They are equally well-suited to both tradition and modern aesthetics.  It is no wonder why Beni Ourain rugs have been a designer favorite for years.

Beni Ourain rugs, like all handmade rugs, require minimal care to last a few generations.  However, Beni Ourain rugs are different than other handmade oriental rugs in that the long yarns which make up their pile are particularly susceptible to having soil become embedded in them, and, in turn, having them fall prey to a potentially damaging moth infestation.  Paying particular attention to frequent inspections, thorough and frequent vacuuming, and annual or biannual professional rug cleaning will go a long way to ensuring that the beauty of a Beni Ourain rug will be enjoyed for a lifetime, if not more.

Take special care to choose a qualified professional rug cleaner to care your Beni Ourain rug.  As these rugs tend to have a lighter color palette marked by dark black or brown motifs, the potential damage of color run is heightened.  A qualified professional rug cleaner should take steps to minimize the risk of the darker color or colors from running into the adjacent light colored yarns of your Beni Ourain rug.