Isfahan Rug Project - Moth Damage and Damaged Fringe Repaired - Final Result

At the beginning of any restoration or repair project, we always professionally clean the rug.  This cleaning is especially critical when a rug has been damaged by moths as we try to be sure that any live infestation is eradicated.   It is often the case that the full damage inflicted by moths is not clear until after a professional cleaning is done.  After cleaning the rug, we then removed all compromised yarns (sometimes as easily by tugging at them as moths have already loosened them).  We then reknotted the missing pile and reconstructed the missing and damaged warp and weft.  Next, we bound the reconstructed fringe so as to minimize the risk of any future unraveling.  Below are additional pictures of our latest Isfahan rug repair project.

As a reminder, below are before photos of the damaged rug taken before our repair project. --