Isfahan Rug Repair - Damaged Fringe and Moth Infestation

This beautiful silk and wool Isfahan rug fell prey to two of the most common problems that plague our hand knotted rugs - fraying edges and fringes, and moth damage.  A rug often is most vulnerable at its edges, especially the fringed edges.  Aggressive vacuuming, dragging of furniture across the edges, or energetic pets or children who pull on the fringes can damage the fringes and eventually the pile itself (which is protected by the fringes).  Moth damage most often occurs when rugs are placed in storage or when sections of a rug are placed under heavy furniture for a prolonged period of time without regular cleaning.  In the photos above and below, one can see the moth damage in the red knotted pile that looks to be partly eaten.  Our restoration of this silk and wool Isfahan rug addressed both the wool pile that was eaten by moths and the damaged and missing fringe.