Repairing a Hole in an Oriental Rug - In Progress


When we receive an Oriental Rug for repair and/or restoration, the first step we take is to thoroughly clean it.  There are numerous reasons for why this is important and is almost a universal standard.  First, a professional cleaning ensures that the yarns we use in our repair work match the cleaned yarns of the original rug.  Second, any loose or compromised weaving or knotting will be apparent during and after a cleaning so that we can get a full and accurate sense of what repair and restoration is needed.  Third, regular cleaning is essential to preserving a rug as vacuuming alone can not reach soil or dirt particles that can become embedded deep within the pile of a rug.
For this hand knotted Turkish rug, after we cleaned it, we rebuilt the warp and weft readying it for the next phase of the restoration which was reknotting the missing pile.