What Does a Moth Infested Rug Look Like?


Moth infested Persian rug cleaning and repair

We are often asked how someone can tell if their rug is infested with moths.  The above photo shows a rug with a severe infestation and extensive damage caused by moths.  But other rugs will have more subtle signs.  We recommend owners of wool hand made rugs look out for the following when caring for their rugs:  (1) signs of new holes or new worn areas, particularly in areas that are covered by large sofas or heavy furniture; (2) string like white larvae usually more visible on the back of the rug; (3) carve outs or chewed like areas of wool that adjoin cotton knotting; (4) tufts of wool that are increasingly separating from the rug.  These are among some of the most prominent manifestations of a moth infested rug.  With a regular cleaning schedule, both at home and professional, as well as a regular inspection of all your rugs, moth damage can be kept to a minimum and, with any luck, averted altogether.  --