Antique Persian Rug Fringe Repair - Before Picture

Persian rugs are exquisite, timeless, beautiful, and amazingly durable works of art able to withstand generations of wear, tear, and memories.  One of the only true threats to fine Persian rugs are tiny beings nearly invisible to the naked eye.  What are these powerful tiny threats to fine wool Persian rugs?  Moths, of course.  Any collector of Persian rugs will know that preventing moth damage is key.  Regular professional cleanings and avoidance of storing rugs in humid and dark places can save a collector lots of heartache.   The owners of this beautiful antique Persian rug pictured above were unfortunately among the many unlucky people to find that their fine rug suffered significant moth damage that compromised various parts of the pile in the center field of the rug, as well as areas along the fringe.  Pictured above is the damaged area along the fringe.

Our first task when we receive a carpet that has been damaged by moths is to professionally clean the rug so that we ensure that all signs of moth infestation are eliminated.  The next step is to identify and isolate each area that has been damaged and compromised by the moth infestation.  For this project, after we professionally cleaned the rug, we removed all wool yarns that were damaged and compromised to reveal the underlying cotton warp (moths definitely prefer wool over cotton).  In our next posts, we will share how we approached repairing this section of the rug.  Fringe repair is critical as it literally binds the rest of the rug to hold its structure in place.