Antique Persian Worn Rug Repair - Before

In this and the next few posts, we will highlight another area that we repaired in the same antique Persian rug about which we wrote in our last posts.  After years of use, repeated foot traffic, and continued stress on the knotted pile, sometimes certain areas of handmade rugs become worn, as shown in the picture above.  To minimize the risk of such wear from occurring, it is recommended that owners of handmade pieces rotate their rugs at least once every six months as people tend to follow the same traffic patterns day after day thereby causing wear to the same rug areas.  Rotating rugs helps the wear distribute more evenly.  In addition, rotating rugs allows any sun exposure to the rug to be more evenly distributed.

The wear on this antique Persian rug had not yet compromised the underlying warp and weft - the underlying grid-like pattern under the knotted wool pile.   In our next post, we will highlight how we repaired this section.  --