Handmade Rug Chewed by Dog - Final Result after Repair

Above and below are pictures of the final result of a recent project we undertook to repair an Indian handmade rug that had been chewed and damaged by a dog.  As we outlined in our previous post, we professionally cleaned the rug, rebuilt the compromised warp and weft, reknotted the pile, and bound the newly constructed fringe.  The picture above shows the final repaired section from the back of the rug; the picture below shows the repair from the front of the rug.  As these pictures highlight, a repair can usually be more clearly seen from the reverse side of the rug where the long tufts of yarn are not present to hide any repairs or restoration.  The longer yarns of the pile on the front of the rug provide a convenient disguise to most repair and/or restoration projects.  --www.traditionalrugrepair.com