Rug Chewed by Dog - Repair in Progress

As with most of our hand knotted rug repair and restoration projects, the first step we took to repair this rug was to professionally clean it.  It is advisable to professionally clean a rug at the beginning of any repair or restoration so that the yarns used in any newly knotted area match the (clean) colors of the original rug as much as possible.  In addition, periodic professional cleaning is recommended for all handmade pieces so a repair and restoration is a good occasion to ensure that a cleaning takes place.
After the rug was cleaned, we rebuilt the missing and compromised warp, which can be seen above (the cotton vertical yarns).  We subsequently reknotted the missing pile (not shown in the photo below which is the reverse of the rug) and rebuilt the compromised weft.  Below is a photo of the repair (as seen from the back of the rug) near its completion.