Wabi Sabi and the Exquisite Beauty of the Imperfect Rug

There are people who approach a rug purchase armed with official sounding ratios, desired measurements listed to the fraction of an inch, and a swatch of an exact hue that would coordinate with a desired color palette.  But much of the beauty of rug making and rugs themselves is situated in what some may deem imperfections or deficiencies.  The beauty of nomadic rugs and kilims is in the irregularity  of their shape, in the unexpected break in symmetry, in the surprising harmonious chaos of a color explosion.  To forsake these rugs because they do not possess a high sounding ratio of knots per square inch would be to miss the opportunity to appreciate and possess something truly unique - something that reflects the imperfections inherent in art - the imperfections that some would argue as I do - that are the true essence of art.