Antique Rug Cleaning

Anyone who has ever lived with antique rugs knows how beautifully warm, muted, and breathtaking they can be.  Over a century or more of sunlight, use, and care can really bring out the true beauty of gorgeous textiles.  They add an incomparable texture and dimension to a space that few things can parallel.  
Caring for an antique rug is similar to caring for any handmade rug, with some notable exceptions.  Professional antique rug cleaning should be undertaken regularly depending on the use of the rug.  However, we recommend professionally cleaning antique rugs less frequently than new rugs; we recommend antique rugs be cleaned every three to five years.  However, if the antique rug is in a low traffic area, the time between professional antique rug cleanings can be longer.  Regular in home care is very important.  To extend the life of the rug, we recommend regular vacuuming (without a beater bar).  In addition, it is extremely important to rotate an antique rug on a regular basis, perhaps every six months or so.  This is important because regular rotation will allow the sun to mute the rug on a more even basis, as well as allow foot traffic to be more evenly distributed.   With minimal care, an antique rug can last for generations.