When Vacuuming Is Not Enough To Prevent Moth Damage

How is it possible moths are eating my rug even though I regularly vacuum my rug?  While this is not a common problem, it is completely possible for a rug to be damaged by moths even when it is being used (i.e., not stored), and is vacuumed regularly.  How does this moth damage happen?  It most often occurs when a piece of heavy furniture is covering a part of the rug so that only the exposed part of the rug is regularly vacuumed.  Similarly, it can happen when a rug is under a bed or sofa and vacuuming does not reach to all parts under the bed or sofa.   This kind of moth damage can be prevented by ensuring that one vacuums the entire rug - even those sections under heavy furniture - on a regular basis.  Vacuuming those specific sections under furniture does not have to be done daily, weekly, or even monthly, but should be done at least once every few months.  Better yet, one should try to rotate the rug at least twice a year so that wear is more evenly distributed.  While moving furniture this way and this often may be inconvenient and cumbersome, it will go a long way in preventing the kind of moth damage than can ruin entire sections of a rug.  In addition, regular inspection of the entire rug (and the rug pad underneath!) is recommended so that any moth damage is detected at its earliest stages.


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