Kilim Fringe Repair

A beautiful high quality kilim can last for centuries.  But like traditional hand knotted rugs, kilims are most vulnerable at their edges, including the fringed ends.  This is because vacuums can suck up fringes thereby weakening fibers, or pets or young children can pull at the fringes causing similar damage.  Once the binding on a fringe is compromised, the fringe can come undone, and the field of the kilim can be damaged.  This is what happened to this Turkish kilim.  The first step in our kilim restoration was to professionally clean the kilim.  Next, we attached the clean kilim to a loom.  Then we slowly and steadily rebuilt the damaged warp (the white vertical strands in the photo above).  This is a slow process, but well worth the result as it ensures the kilim will be ready to withstand another century of enjoyment.  --


                                    Kosker Traditional Rug Repair