Cleaning and Caring for Silk Rugs

For generations, silk has been prized for its beauty, its strength, its rarity.  Similarly, great silk rugs have been lauded for their beauty, quality, intricacy, and value.  Silk rugs are durable when they are finely woven and they can last for generations.  Caring for silk rugs is very similar to caring for their more widely available wool counterparts.  Routine care of silk rugs will ensure that they remain as beautiful as they were when they were cut off the loom.  Silk rugs should be vacuumed regularly, but great care should be taken to not vacuum the fringes.  Silk rugs should be rotated regularly so as to ensure that foot traffic and sun exposure is evenly distributed.  Silk rugs should be inspected regularly for any damage.  Lastly, silk rugs should be professionally cleaned every two years or so.  If the rug is not in a high traffic area then the times between professional cleanings can be longer.  Similarly, if the rug is in a high traffic area, then professionally cleaning silk rugs every year may be preferable.