Collecting Yarns for Rug Restoration Projects

An artist has her paints, and a weaver has her yarns.  One of my most beloved and prized possessions is my collection of yarns.  I love the way they look on my desk when they're neatly organized or even when they're just strewn about.  I love the many shades of the many colors, and how the different textures feel against my hands.  I love everything about the yarns, even the faint scent that some have.    Every trip I make back home to Turkey is filled with what I affectionately call "yarn hunting" as I seek to find a new shade of a beloved color to my collection.   Lucky for me, amassing my wide ranging collection is not just for personal enjoyment, but is also critical for my restoration work.  Finding (or creating) just the right shade is critical for a good restoration, if the goal of the restoration is not to call attention to itself.  When the wrong color is used in a restoration, the result can be jarring even if the restored section is finely woven and seamlessly integrated.